World Debut Of 7-Axis Adaptive & Modular Robot LAN Supported

Robot arms have been lending a hand on many applications. With enormous potential and proven benefits in optimizing manpower, robot arms deliver value-added commercial functions that make business more profitable.

However, as useful as they are, robot arms typically have a long return on investment due to the cost of high-quality devices. AMBER B1 was designed as a powerful, yet a budget-friendly solution that brings the benefits of robotics into the hands of smaller businesses and individual users. The AMBER B1 collaborative robot arm is a reliable and capable helper that can simplify any complex task.

Compared to other robot arms in the market, AMBER B1 is both stronger in performance and lower in pricing.

If you’re a small business owner, AMBER B1 can be employed as a skilled collaborator to instantly boost your efficiency. If you are a motivated maker, AMBER B1 helps you realize your creativity with superhuman capabilities. If you are a STEM educator, AMBER B1 will be your right-hand robot that helps to mine the unlimited potential of the future world. If you are a curious hobbyist, it’s the best tool to start your robotics journey.

  • Fast Set-Up

All parts of AMBER B1 are delivered highly pre-assembled, which offers out-of-box convenience to any untrained user to get started fast. The feature of modularity also supports users to DIY & Customize the robot arm to realize creative ideas as they need.

  • Easy to Use

[Casual — AMBER Robot Studio]

The intuitive interface of the B1’s operation system, AMBER Robot Studio Software, all platforms supported and makes the command setting easily accessible for users without programming experience. By simply dragging & dropping the graphical icons like piecing together the puzzle, even children can create commands to control the robot arm.

  • [Normal — Teaching Mode]

AMBER B1 is also able to ‘learn’. By manually moving or rotating the arm from one position to another, it can learn movement and follow the pre-designed trajectory to complete the task. No coding is required for users throughout the whole process.

  • Veteran — Advanced Programming]

For professional users to realize sophisticated tasks, AMBER B1 makes available all the SDKs we offer along with APIs for various programming languages like C++ and Python. You can check out the ‘Click Here’ button below and download more developer resources!

With more and more tasks in commercial and consumer settings assisted by a robot arm, AMBER B1 is configured to be used in close proximity to people thanks to the additional features that ensure easy and safe operation.

Once connected to a network, AMBER B1 can react to the commands from any Ethernet-based controllers (PC, smartphone, tablet, Raspberry Pi, or Arduino board), wireless or wired. Unlike RS485 and CAN conventionally used in other robots, Ethernet empowers AMBER B1 with faster and more stable real-time data transmission at lower power consumption. Tele-operation efficiently expands the applications coverage of AMBER B1.

Another groundbreaking feature only found in AMBER B1 is the cable-free communication between the joints of AIOS. The wireless network extends the effective communication range of the actuators, allowing them to communicate with each other remotely to coordinate the activities. This increases its longevity, extensibility, and utility.


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